St. Johns Wood Sustainability

Global Warming has been the catalyst for growing interest in living ‘sustainably’. Sustainability asks us to reflect on our lifestyles and take steps that will minimise our impact on the planet, so that there will be ‘enough for everybody, forever’.

St Johns Wood Sustainability is ‘acting locally’ to encourage and support:

  • re-localizing our lives (business, leisure)
  • ethical buying (including food)
  • organic local food growing
  • recycling and pooling resources
  • biodiversity – animals and plants
  • green energy technologies
  • clean creeks, tree planting
  • understanding global warming / Climate Change issues
  • lobbying government and business
  • sense of community

St Johns Wood Sustainability invites everybody to join us and be part of the solution.

small actions x lots of people = BIG change

that won’t cost the earth!

To receive updates/newsletters, email or talk to a group member:

Sandra Bayley 3366 2393
Anna and Sue Cooke 3366 2768
Jennie Elston 3366 5306
Patricia Funnell 3366 6767
Ian Thomson 3366 1633

Comments or questions are welcome.

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3 Responses to St. Johns Wood Sustainability

  1. Sue says:

    Sorry I didn’t see your message earlier, give me a ring on 33662768 if you are still interested Christoph.

  2. Dear Group Members,

    I was just wondering how i might be able to get involved with your group.

    I am a Sustainability and Energy Rating Consultant and involved with the Greens Loans program and am a Accredited BERS Energy Ratings Assessor. I wish to help in any way possible. I will be just commencing Carbon Footprint Reports and thought that i may be useful to you. I am willing to volunteer some of my services for your cause.

    Please feel free to visit my website at and if you have further questions i would be glad to hear from you.

    Yours sincerely
    Christoph Bulla

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